Lead Generation

Using websites for lead generation can be a great way to help grow your business.

Our customers are regularly surprised by how small, often inexpensive, changes to their online presence can have a very fast impact on the number of sales enquiries they receive.

A website has the potential to be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing you can use. That is provided you keep your website up to date and work smartly at your overall online presence, ensuring you are inhabiting the same online places / social media sites as your customers and that you keep providing content that your customers find interesting on a regular basis.

Lead generation from websites is often the least thought about part of creating and maintaining a website. In our opinion lead generation, or "taking action" should be offered as much time, effort and expense as getting the website found and making it a likeable place to be.

After many years of working with companies of all shapes and sizes we've come to realise that getting the balance right in 3 key areas is what makes the difference between websites that work well in business and those that don't. We've come up with an acronym/mnemonic to make this balance easier to remember, FiLiTA!

Find it, Like it, Take Action!

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